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Magic Missionary
Santa Monica’s Albie Selznick spreads the gospel of illusion

by Evan Henerson for The Argonaut

Your kid has been pestering you for more ever since that birthday party when the guy sawed a lady in half and made live rabbits jump out of her stomach. But you have no connections with anybody at the members-only club of clubs, The Magic Castle, and you don’t have the scratch for a trip to Vegas. The YouTube segments and TV shows are getting played out. You want magic, and you want it live.

Not only does longtime actor-magician Albie Selznick feel your void, he’s figured out a way to fill it: by giving a bunch of his magical friends a place to work their best routines and try out some new illusions.​

Albie Caged_result.png
Albie Selznick uses ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ to deal with childhood loss

By  WESLEY LOWERY   |   FEB. 5, 2013   |   12 AM

Albie Selznick’s career has been a long, tiring and, at times depressing trip through comedy, music and acting. But Selznick hopes his story — or at least the version of it he performs each weekend — is a hero’s journey. The 54-year-old actor-magician takes the small, intimate stage at the Road Theatre Co. in North Hollywood each weekend to perform a show that draws heavily from this childhood struggles to cope with his father’s death by using magic.


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