Corporate Event Magician

What is Corporate Magician Routine?

Our Corporate Event Magician will keep your team mesmerized, whether you’re a small business, or a large corporation. The Corporate Event Magician is an expert in motivating employees, inspiring clients, and ensuring everyone they are the ones in the spotlight. Through a spellbinding stage presence and an innate sense of humor, the Corporate Event Magician will guarantee your team an unforgettable experience.  Our Corporate Event Magicians help create successful events at sales meetings, conferences, award banquets, product launches, wrap parties, golf tournaments, introduction of officers, and many other special corporate events.  From world-class "mingling" close-up magic during your cocktail reception that is designed to "break the ice" and engage your important guests, to a full after-dinner show that will connect your company to your audience in a fun and meaningful way, you and your corporate guests will come together through an engaging theatrical experience. 


How Long is Corporate Magician Show?

The standard Corporate Event Magician Show is two to three hours, however it is no problem if you need more or less time.  The Corporate Event Magician can be customized to most Corporate Events. Having a Corporate Event Magician is a great icebreaker and gives people a common ground as they try and work out the magic performance. Having a Corporate Event Magician will at create a real buzz around the room and makes for some great photographs. 

​Whether you’re introducing a new product, reaching out to your customers, or just showing your employees a great time, the Corporate Event Magician will ensure your message gets heard AND remembered. A Corporate Event Magician is the easiest entertainment to organize because they require absolutely nothing. Everything they need is carried in their pockets and all we need is an audience and we are good to go! It is one less thing you need to organize and makes your life a lot easier!


What does Corporate Magician Cost?

Most Corporate Events will require only one magician for your typical sized booth. In addition to the size of booth, the Corporate Event  Magician cost depends on other factors including time required, venue location, the caliber of the Trade Show Magician; and, your budget.  There are some very Corporate Event Magicians; unfortunately, the number of bad Corporate Event  Magicians outnumber the good. On a Google Search, the bad Corporate Event Magician may be listed as number one because more first-timers book them or they paid for a number one placement. The tip-off of a "first-time Corporate Event Magician booking" is their first (and only) question is, “How much does a Corporate Event Magician Cost?" This is not bad question, until you get stuck with a bad, inexperienced Corporate Event Magician at a special event with no do overs.

Why book Corporate Magician with us?

You can save time, money and stress by booking your Corporate Event Magician with us.  We book experienced Corporate Event Magician on a daily basis and get discounted rates that we are able to pass on to you.  This means that you get a fantastic Corporate Event Magician at the best rates possible!  We don’t just send out anyone! Our team are full members of recognized magician societies.  We only work with full time professional magicians – no hobbyists or amateurs.  We are ultra-reliable – we booked Corporate Event  Magician time and time again without a hitch!  We offer you a peace of mind as we only supply perfect Corporate Event Magician.  We will provide you with friendly advice to help you plan your Corporate Event  - there is absolutely no obligation. You can be sure that your booth guests will have a great time.  


Book Magic Talent will arrange the best Corporate Event Magician Show for your event and ensures full success.  You can be sure that your guests will have a great time.  Please contact us by clicking on the Inquire Now button below and completing the Corporate Event Magician` Inquiry Form and providing us with dates and information regarding the Corporate Event.  We will make the magic show in the Corporate Event  a real success.

All inquiries will be answered within one business day.

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