Magic Mania Magic Show

What is Magic Mania Magic Routine?

Magic Mania features the very best magicians and variety acts from The Magic Castle, America's Got Talent, Penn & Teller, Masters of Illusion, Wizard Wars, etc.  There are new and different magical acts every Saturday and Sunday! The Performing Magicians include: Trigg Watson, Dave Cox, Michael O’Brien, Chris Moorman, Pop Haydn, Siegfried Tieber, Hubb, Victor Ian Elan, Nader Hanna, Jonathan Mola, Avatar, Krysten Lambert, Steve Owens, Lauro Castillo, Cary the Magish, Michael Rayner, William Schwartzman, Chris Randall, Jeff Black, Jeki Yoo, Dennis Forel, Phil Van Tee, Kevin Pernick, Naathan Phan, Christopher Hart, Dr. John, Ivan Pecel, Darren and Jerryl, Kole Lee, Albie Selznick, Andrew Goldenhersh, Simon Coronel, George Tovar, Stephen Bailey, Jack and Jeri, and Chris Ruggiero.  Check out the Magic Mania Performance Dates.

How Long is Magic Mania Show?

The Magic Mania Magic Shows runs about 75 minutes and features an ever-changing lineup of over 70 world-famous magic and variety acts.   The show will run from November 23 to December 29, every Saturday starting at 7:30 and every Sunday starting at 2:30.


What does Magic Mania Cost?

The standard Magic Mania seat is $40. 

How to book a Magic Mania Show?

You can book an individual Magic Mania performance here.  


If you would like to book a large group, please contact us by clicking on the Inquire Now button below and completing the Magic Mania Inquiry Form and providing us with dates and information regarding the Group Event.  

All inquiries will be answered within one business day.

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