Smoke and Mirrors Magic Show

What is Smoke and Mirrors Routine?

Get ready for a magical performance that will keep you guessing long after the curtain drops.   The Smoke and Mirrors Magic Show's unifying theme is overcoming fear as a motivator for extraordinary achievement.  The magic tricks include transforming objects, levitation, and telepathic powers are executed by Albie Selznick and his assistants with matter-of-fact assurance that belies the intricate sleights-of-hand involved. Selznick’s low-key, self-deprecating humor makes the wizardry all the more impressive.  What most distinguishes Smoke and Mirrors, however, is the personal connection that Selznick explores between his life and his art.  Selznick poignantly underscores his early attraction to magic as a skill that could be learned in solitude. His fascination with Harry Houdini’s promise to make contact from the grave, and the imaginary human-sized rabbit companion he conjures up as an assistant, further link back to a childhood void.  Smoke and Mirrors demonstrates Selznick’s conquest of his own greatest fear of not being extraordinary. Smoke and Mirrors greatest trick of all: making boredom completely disappear.

How Long is Smoke and Mirrors Show?

The Smoke and Mirrors Magic Show is 90 minutes.  There are several reviews including: Jewish Journal,  and LA Times.


What does Smoke and Mirrors Cost?

The standard price for a single ticket is $40.  ​

How to book a Smoke and Mirrors Show?

If you are interested in a Group performance of Smoke and Mirror Magic Show,  you can book the Smoke and Mirrors Show with us.   Our team will arrange the entire production of the show for your Group.  Please inquire for more details below.  

All inquiries will be answered within one business day.

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